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Interbit Provides Project and Patent Strategy Update

25 April 2019

INTERBIT LTD. (TSX Venture: IBIT) (the “Company”) provides the following update on its corporate workforce re-focus, the product development of InterbitTM, its technology platform, and the Company’s patenting strategy. The Company began development of its third generation multi-chain InterbitTM platform to overcome the limitations of the single blockchain platforms it experienced in earlier pilot projects and has in development a Version 2 and a Version 3 of the InterbitTM platform.

Since closing its principal Canadian office in December 2018, the Company has directed all programming activity to a team of third party developers and engineers based in Eastern Europe. In addition to the pure programming being carried out by those developers, this redirection of resources has permitted testing of the Company’s founding strategy technologies to commence (especially facilitating data transfer between blockchains (“Chain Joining”)), and the plan is for all features outlined in the Company’s six provisional patent applications to be tested.

Due to the product advances and challenges that Interbit has undergone since January of this year, the Company has now decided to focus exclusively on the development of Version 2 with an emphasis on its Hypervisor architecture and associated construction due to the increased interest in blockchain-enabled virtualization. Initially the Company believed the first quarter and half of the year would be directed towards advancing Version 2 and the megachain capability targeted for Version 3 of the InterbitTM platform. However, it now believes immediate commercial focus should be on further development and completion of Version 2 such that it can be offered to the market, as well as advancing all patents. Additional work on Version 3 will therefore be postponed.

“In order to achieve the level of performance required of a virtualization technology for the InterbitTM blockchain platform it is necessary to maintain an absolute focus on advancing key performance metrics,” stated Scott Maxwell, COO of the Company. “In order to do this, functionality of Version 2 of the InterbitTM platform is to be subjected to testing in the lab environment we now have, with Version 3 of the InterbitTM platform and megachain following in due course. This marks a long overdue shift to a pure software performance focus, which linked with the programming and testing workforce in place, should also lead to monthly expenditures being more efficient and more frequent updates to shareholders on the status of the InterbitTM platform.”

Patent Filings

The Company has prepared and filed 6 provisional patent applications for its InterbitTM platform over the last 18 months. The first two patent applications, which were filed in October 2017, were directed at Chain Joining and blockchain virtualization (“Hypervisor”). Subsequently, in April 2018, the Company filed three additional patent applications directed at: (i) storing a large, binary object in conjunction with a blockchain, (ii) hosting a new blockchain using an existing blockchain node, and (iii) performing an action requested by a blockchain.

In September 2018 the Company filed an additional patent application directed at performing hyperconvergence using blockchains (“Hyperconvergence”), which leverages the technology described in the Company’s Chain Joining and Hypervisor applications. The Hyperconvergence application reflects the strategic importance of leveraging blockchain virtualization to the Company. The shift towards virtualization generally started roughly 20 years ago with server and network virtualization, and the Company believes this trend will continue with large scale virtualization of blockchains in a multi-chain software architecture.

In October 2018, the Company filed two international Patent Cooperation Treaty (“PCT”) applications for Chain Joining and the Hypervisor, respectively. The Company filed three additional PCT applications in April 2019 based on the provisional patent applications filed in April 2018 and intends to shortly file a PCT application for Hyperconvergence. The Company has received initial patentability opinions for the Chain Joining and Hypervisor PCT applications, and expects to receive initial patentability opinions for the remaining three PCT applications within 4 months. The Company will review those opinions as it formulates and executes on its patent strategy with national filings in targeted markets in North America, Europe, and Asia.

About The Company

The Company is a technology platform provider listed on the TSX Venture Exchange and operating from both Canada and the UK with offices in Calgary and London.

For further information please contact:

Dominic McCann, CEO
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